About Our Team


One of the keys to Your Medsource’s success and steady growth, says founder and president Debbie Forde, has been the quality, stability and accessibility of the company’s employees, who average 10 years of experience in the industry.

In a field known for turnover, Your Medsource has maintained the same team for more than two years of the company’s existence. Prior to that, many of these employees worked together with Debbie in similar roles. Debbie believes the work atmosphere, training, and long-term experience contribute to Your Medsource’s collection rates, which are consistently above the industry standards.

“Our doctors know our employees on a first-name basis. We are like a family, with a supportive and positive work atmosphere. Together we celebrate and provide incentives for our shared success.”

Debbie Forde,

Founder & President

About Your Medsource’s Team

Your Medsource submits electronic claims daily. Unlike some billing companies, every claim (of every dollar value) is worked every 30 days. Employees specialize in specific payers to maximize personal relationships with insurance representatives and develop an intimate understanding of how to maximize reimbursement. All claims and surgeries are reviewed by Certified Professional Coders (CPC)

Each coder must pass the very stringent coding certification examination sponsored by the American Academy of Professional Coders. One of Your Medsource’s coders is also a registered nurse. In addition, each claim and payments is checked against a database of contractual allowables to make sure to the maximum amount is being collected.

Mixing Good Medicine With Good Management

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