At Your MedSource, we are dedicated to helping physicians manage their practices. We enable physicians to focus on the medical care of patients while we focus on the day-to-day operations and administrative functions of the office. Through the use of our services, physicians ultimately achieve faster collections, increased revenues and reduced costs. In order for us to better serve your business needs, we recommend a consultation in which we will create a plan that suits your organization and practice needs. Our service modules include:

Financial Management

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payor Mix
  • Month-end & Year-end Reporting

Daily Operations

  • Billing and collections
  • Compliance and coding analysis
  • Clinic and practice management

Managed Care Contract Administration

  • Contract Review and Negotiations
  • Compile all credentialing information (i.e. state licensure, state and federal drug certifications)
  • Complete applications for credentialing and hospital privilege
  • Build and maintain managed care participation matrix
  • Patient and Staff Education
  • Assist with problem-solving claims payments, utilization management or quality assurance programs
  • Reimbursement Analysis


Practice Management Consulting Services

  • Coding: This process examines the coding patterns of the practice and looks at improving revenue through appropriate coding enhancement. This process notes codes that are not being utilized, as well as the method of how codes are documented.
  • Procedure/Policy Development: The development of policy/procedures is a key component for practice development. Everyone needs to know the rules. A manual or source document allows staff to review policies and make decisions without constantly changing interpretation by the staff, the office manager or physicians. It allows issues to be handled fairly, consistently, reduces legal liability, and lowers staff turnover due to frustration over unknown job duties.
  • Computer System Evaluation: The increasing demands on practices to provide information has created an increasing demand for practice evaluation of computer systems.The evaluation process also outlines exactly what is currently needed in computer services as well as insures the ability for future growth.


Practice Management Reports

  • Insurance Payor Mix
  • Charges/Revenues/Adjustment Trends
  • Gross/Net Collection % Trends
  • Overhead Trends
  • CPT Analysis New Patients

Practice Benchmarking

  • Staff Performance: Benchmarking is often used as a method to determine performance standards for office functions. Examples may be as basic as the number of calls answered, appointments made and medical records pulled. This process provides a true measure of staff productivity capabilities.
  • Statistical Performance: This benchmarking process evaluates the practice's statistical performance to best practice standards. Statistical comparisons include some of the following: charges, adjustments, revenues, expenses, gross/net collection percentages, and account receivable days.

Our consulting services and training to medical office personnel enables them to obtain the information required to facilitate prompt processing of claims. By combining these and other process improvement techniques, the changes we implement within offices coupled with our services, physicians are able to realize better collection rates and efficiencies, an achievement that has remained consistent with every client to date.

Our involvement begins with a consultation of how our capabilities and expertise can improve your operational effectiveness. We invite you to contact us at 972-991-9950 to schedule a consultation and for any questions.


Mixing good medicine with good management!